30 May, 2008


I am not sure if there are to many of you out there who do not know who this is. As most of you know this is Canut Reyes. I took these photographs about two weeks ago at a soiree we all had attended.. Needless to say It was an amazing evening. Filled with good food wonderful friends,
some new ones were made that night. And an incredible night of music.
As you all know Canut is part of a remarkable musical family. But for me, Canut is not just a gifted musician, he is a poet, a dreamer, an artist..... Some of those things are often said about Canut. He has the power, through his song to touch the soul... Not to many artists do that. If you sit and really listen to him, he tells his entire life story, with just a song. I have been truly blessed to know he and Catherine as friends. My life here in Arles has been a truly blessed one. It has been filled with remarkable moments. Sharing time with such a gifted soul is truly one of those moments.
I wanted to take this time to thank both Catherine and Canut for being such dear friends to me. It is an honor to have you both in my life. Canut you have inspired me to do great things with my art. You have also inspired me to create with my heart and my soul. Thank you also for giving me the inspiration to follow my heart's song.
And Catherine JUST THANK YOU!!!
10000 besos!!

10 May, 2008

La Corrida De Nimes 2008

Here are some recent photographs I took of the Corrida in Nimes. Actually these were taken yesterday..... I have to admit I had a totally different perspective on this Corrida then others I have been too .... My seat was in the middle of the Umpappa Band.... OH LA LA!! I still have that trumpet sound ringing in my ears..... I was litteraly with the band... Here is a shot of the Band!

This is Alejandro Talavante

Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista and Alejandro Talavante Even Bullfighters need a little nappy pooh!

Official Picador meeting...
And the other guy.... I have his name somewhere... Ya ever watch that episode of Sienfeld where they talk about the three tenors and they can never remember the other guy's name? "Domingo, Pavarotti and ???? Well, I can't for the life of me remember this guy's name.... Even though I did take some of the best photographs I have ever taken, of this dude.... Eh I'll add his name to it later.... I am posting a larger photograph of him at the bottom... Once in a while I do get it right!!

02 May, 2008

All I have to say is it's a wonderful time to be in Arles.

Yesterday I had the wonderful chance to see just how special Arles is.

Seeing all of the women dressed in the traditional costume of Arles and well,the Gardians...

Dressed in their traditional clothes and the stunning white horses..


Yesterday was the Fete des Gardians...


According to my ticket to the events in the arena this was something like the 496th fete!!


Something to be said for tradition.

Below is a short little video that I put together of some of the 400 photographs that I took

tee hee.....

I have really come to realize just how special this part of the world really is....

I hope you enjoy the video...

It seemed to be the only way I could get the best of the pictures I took on here.