21 November, 2007

Link to my book

Okay gang here it is.. Here is the link to the site that I am publishing my book through.. www.lulu.com/content/1462059. It's my baby.... There is a section where you can preview what's inside and I think you can buy the book now... if ya want that is.. Right now that's all from Roman Gual.. I have my eyes are buggin out my damn head because i have been staring at the computer for way to many days..

17 November, 2007

Some Pictures from today.

Hey Hey
Just thought I would check in with the ole blogeroony..
Today was a busy Saturday... Of course I hit the Saturday market... How can you not? Ran into just about everyone I knew... Big event come to find that it's the place to be seen.. Eh me loca Americana shows up to the market looking like a schelp... Eh who cares I am walking through a crowded market with smells from everything from live chickens to chickens roasting to fish to to to to to.. And besides I get all sweaty carrying home all of my goodies... Needless to say Arles is damn cold.... Bugger of the thing is Mel being all wise and thinking that it can't be colder here than in the Northeast... B.S!!!!!! Had to buy a fleece sweater... Anywho I digress.. After the market I made my way to Fontville of course i am spelling it wrong... When I even get wind of a Bullfight I am there.... This was a Novilliada... It's kind of a showcase for the little guys... I would say these three kids had to be no more than 14 years old... And the bulls well, they were little too.. Do not worry the little bulls were not killed... It's just a way for these kids, who are up and comming Toreros, to hone their skills so to speak... And don't worry the sword you see these guys holding isn't used to kill the bull, they use it to tap the bull between the shoulders..

Honestly watching these kids do what they do... It's amazing... They don't have a picador or Bandelilleros to wear down the bull, granted they are only dealing with little bulls but these things charge at them with full force... It will be interesting to see these kids come up in the ranks...

It was fun to watch.. Damn cold but fun to watch...... I could only stay for two of the three fights.... I was freezing and I wanted to go home... I made my way to a cafe for a "petit cafe" oof esspresso at it's finest... Two of those later and I was jumping up and down waiting for the bus...

Caught the bus back to Arles... It was a short trip... 10 minutes by bus and 2,80 Euro one way.. Came back to Arles did a little food shoping... hmm something must have been in my coffee cause i got to the store and had a complete brain fart and forgot why i was there.... OH LA LA well, I figured out what i did indeed need.... Whew... Made my way back home.... on the way there i took few night pics of Les Arenes... So here are a couple of those... It's a beautiful night here right now a little cold and windy but still beautiful... It's one of those nights where I realize why I am here...The kinda creepy looking pic at the end isn't really creepy it's the view from my front door at night.. The way the street lamp lit up the street makes it look like my street was being invaded by the green fog!!!

Well, that's all from Roman Gaul, for now... I'll post more in the coming weeks.. I think I have finally settled into my groove here so I'll be able to post more soon... Oooh before I forget.. I am in the process of publishing a book of my photographs from the Corridas... I'll let y'all know when it's finished....