18 July, 2008

July Events in Arles

Well, kids here are some photographs from several events that have happened so far, this month, here in Arles.... This First set is from the Fete De Costume.. Where the New Queen of Arles was offically instated as the new Queen of Arles.... Gotta love these gals, dressed in the traditional costume of Arles....

Next are a couple of shots of the fire works from Quatorze de juliett. Bastille day for ya Yankees!! tee hee

Finally here are some shots of the Courses de Camarguaise/French Bullfights. Check these dudes out... The basic rule of the game is try to grab a little tiny piece of red ribbon from between the bull's horns... hmm easier said than done no? Meanwhile these guys are trying not to get run over by the bull or gored in the butt... Now no wonder they fly!!!!
See that little red dot between the bull's horns... Now try grabbing that while he's chasing you??


Well, kids these are some of the events that were and are going on here in Arles for the month of July...... Oh by the way they don't kill the bulls in a French Bullfight...

Abientot !