30 October, 2007

My house and the "hood" in France

Well, kids I finally got settled in my flat in Arles.. I have been in it for a week... Only took me a couple of days to get situated.. I am so happy to finally have a place here in Arles... Okay here are the much anticipated pictures of MI CASA. This is the street I call home.... Rue Renan.. My house is on the right with the light blue shudder..

My living room and kitchen.... Hmm just finished laundry.... So the entire flat becomes my dryer.. Eh viva la france... I am lucky to have a washing machine soooooooo.

Okay here is the shower for some reason people like to see your bathroom I draw the line at showing people my toilet, however, it's just a toilet.. The last two pics are of my bedroom in the cave.. oh wait it's a grotto.... At any rate here it is..........

The last two pictures are pictures of my neigborhood... Not bad digs no??? At any time of the day I have the best view in the world......


Georgia said...

holy palpitations.... ayy Mel - drooling over the 'hood chica..... way too awesome

Benn said...

CONGRATS chica, glad you found a place...I like your bed in da grotto, too damn cute:))) Happy living in France, KNOW you are truly hated;)

Pesha_Tshaya ( Leshya'e Romanes) said...

Ohhh Mel ..put the kettle on..I'm on my way !!!!
It's looks wonderful..I wish you kushti baxt in your new Atchen tan phena
bright bleesings and much love
Pesha xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Nice place Mel. Can't wait to visit.
Karen has told you that we have a photo of your street from the opposite end.

That's phys...sy..physe...Spooky.

Love ya xxxxxx


~Mel~ said...

I can't tell you how many photographs I took of that same street, when I first came to Arles..
you are right it is kinda spooky..
It's funny, the steady stream of tourists who come down the street..
This morning I was awakened to the sounds of Japanese tourists firing off their little cameras for that one shot of a quaint little street in Arles!!
Oh la la!!

Mavis said...

Hello Mel! My name is Mavis. I recently found your website as I have been doing lots of research on gypsies. I LOVE the Gipsy Kings and have been a big follower for years. In fact I just traveled from Arizona to London to see them in concert! I happened to run into Pesha there just by pure coincidence. We had been e-mailing each other. Anyway, I think you are so brave to move to France and pursue your dreams. I am hoping to travel to France in May for the big tribute to St. Sara. And perhaps meet the Gipsy Kings in person! Can we talk? My e-mail is TravelWriter36@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon! P.S. No need to post this on your website, I just didn't know how else to get in touch with you. :)