18 February, 2008

I think I would like to be a dog

Okay y'all here's one for the okay Mel please esplain file.. Actually I think I would like to be this dog.

This was our tour guide at this little chaple off to the side of the road.. We were on our way back from lunch in Tarascon and we saw this small chaple off to the side of the road and thought hey what a neat spot to photograph... Well, we got out of the car and this dog stood at the top of the steps and greated us.. She actually took us to the chapel then she walked with us up the path as if to say hey there is more up this way... It was cool.. I mean really.. She probably lives in the Mas near the site but she wanders around showing tourists the sites... cool huh? Ah to be a dog. No real worries, well, if you have a person who loves you.... You get all the food you could possibly want... Yet sometimes you still want more... You have pretty much free roam over the entire domain of your people. You ask no real questions like where when why and how? but you do, however, make many many many demands... And being the sucker that your person is.. They always give in... Cause they know that you love them. I think I would like to be a dog.. But not one of those sissy celeb. dogs that get dressed up in stupid little outfits.. Those poor things are nervous all the time.. Hell, I would be too if i walked around with a half baked ditzy master who liked to put little shoes on my feet cause they thought it was cute... yeah i wanna be this dog.. tee hee.... ~mel~

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Anonymous said...

Me too!! But not in a culture that eats dogs ... yikesaroni!! :-(
<"I think I would like to be a dog"