08 April, 2008

On a lighter note.

Well, I just thought I would coment on the past week. As I sit here in a cafe on a somewhat gloomy day... Eh it's been drizzling all day long and it's cold but somehow here in Arles that's really okay... I had planned on writing about this before but with the events of last week kinda put this on hold... I was walking home, one night after a quick trip to the mini market to pick up a few things.. I was passing through the "Place Du Forum" when I ran into a friend of mine who I actually hadn't seen for a couple of years... We used to hang out, at "la salsa" when it was open and during my various trips here. He asked if I wanted to pop into a bar, close by and have a drink...eh sure why not? So we walked in... Okay, now after "La Salsa" closed... The regulars scatterd across the 4 directions... Yeah okay they found other bars... Sounds more dramatic though huh huh? We sat there and yaked about what was going on in our lives since we last saw each other... Then it happened... The bar, was playing some rather good Chico and the Gypsies music... All of the sudden it happened.... One dude pulled out his Air guitar. Now the first dude, I am sure if he had an actual guitar he would have been good. Real good. But the other two... Hmm not sure if it was the countless numbers of beers they had before they picked up their instruments but........ Well, needless to say they were damn serious about their music.... AWESOME!! I was in the middle of a Gitano Air guitar band... I actually had to step out of the bar because I was hysterical laughing and I didn't want to offend the talent! Oh as for my friend.. Haven't seen him since.... eh one thing about being here is they NEVER forget a face... Well, kids I am off to see if they make a version of the game guitar heros in a Gitan version... ALLEZ CIAO! from Roman Gual

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