23 April, 2008

The Sun has arrived in Arles!!

The sun has finally arrived in Arles..
Well, actually it never really goes away... But, it's now finally warm enough to paint the toe nails hot pink and dust off the sandals.... Arles is amazing.... people pour out of their houses into cafes and soak up the sun... I sat out in front of the church today the sun was hot yet, as always, the breeze kissed my face... I could have sat there four hours... hmm would have been burnt to a crisp but... eh what the heck.. After being bundled up all winter and basicly loosing most of the color to my skin.... It finally came back.... It's fun to sit and watch all of the ultra tragique hip 30 somethings pour out of their indoor cafes onto the street.... And now I fear my quiet little bit of heaven is now being over run with sun worshiping, i should say craving, tourist from northern Europe and those people who spent the winter in their stuffy little houses..... Eh it's not really a bad thing... makes for great writing... The one thing i love about being here is you are out in the sun for 10 minutes and your beautiful golden color is back... NO MORE NEW YORK PASTY WHITE!!


jane_matthews2003 said...


Love reading your experiences in Arles. Not that I'm jealous or anything - OH NO! And it would take more than 10 minutes of sun to turn my milk bottle legs to anything more than a wishy washy biscuit colour!

Keep the stories coming gal!



~Mel~ said...

Hey Jane!!
Thanks for the post!!
I fell on the floor laughing when I read your post... I totally can relate to the lack of color in my skin... At one point I was calling myself transparent.. And a so called friend of mine would always ask where I was at when I sat in a white chair..... Bugger!!! My name for the longest time was Phantasma!!
thanks again!