10 May, 2008

La Corrida De Nimes 2008

Here are some recent photographs I took of the Corrida in Nimes. Actually these were taken yesterday..... I have to admit I had a totally different perspective on this Corrida then others I have been too .... My seat was in the middle of the Umpappa Band.... OH LA LA!! I still have that trumpet sound ringing in my ears..... I was litteraly with the band... Here is a shot of the Band!

This is Alejandro Talavante

Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista and Alejandro Talavante Even Bullfighters need a little nappy pooh!

Official Picador meeting...
And the other guy.... I have his name somewhere... Ya ever watch that episode of Sienfeld where they talk about the three tenors and they can never remember the other guy's name? "Domingo, Pavarotti and ???? Well, I can't for the life of me remember this guy's name.... Even though I did take some of the best photographs I have ever taken, of this dude.... Eh I'll add his name to it later.... I am posting a larger photograph of him at the bottom... Once in a while I do get it right!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa, I met you last year at Wolf Trap, I was with Victoria, Marie, and Georgia. I just had to tell you that the pic you titled The Dance is just amazing. You got that shot at the perfect moment. I enjoy looking at your blog and your pics, thanks and enjoy the sweet life over there! Katie from Texas