08 June, 2008

Who are the peeps in my hood 2

Well, Gang, it's time for another installment of "WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD" Please feel free to whistle the song from Sesamee Street.. As those of you who read my blog on a semi-regular basis, know I started this little thing so that y'all get to know a little bit about Arles. Not only Arles but my Arles... These people and places are part of the Arles I have come to call home for the past 8 months... They not only run some of the most fantastic shops and cafes here but they are also my friends.... Here are Gerard and Martine. They own and run what I happen to think is the best Cafe and ice cream place here in Arles.. Les Masion Des Gourmands... Located just across from the Roman Arena. It also is a wonderful Gallery space. They display paintings and photographs by artists from all over... I had the great fortune of displaying a few of my photographs there.... Like most places, here in Arles it is a family run place, which allows any visitor to feel like they are at home when they walk in... Once in a while it doubles as the unofficial Tourisim office here in Arles... It is a fantastic place to sit and watch people go by.. So kids, when in Arles stop in and get something to eat!! I recomend it all!!!

These next set of photographs are of my favorite Floristas!! Fabienne and Alain. This dynamic duo, husband and wife team run Marinette, by far the best Flower shop here in Arles... Below are a few shots of their creations. Stuning no?!!! So Gang these are a couple of the local places that I frequent quite a bit.. They are family run businesses, and they make sure you are treated as one of their own... They are part of what makes my Arles so special.. And I thank them not only for what they do and what they create but I thank them for being friends..


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, Those pictures really make me homesick for Arles. Tell everyone "HI" for me and that I'll get back there as soon as I can.
Love you Love them all.
As always, your friend,
Alexa @>-- ;~*

Jem said...

What can I say, except I'm green with envy!

You sound as if you're having a wonderful time - have you moved to Arles permanently or do you plan to move back to the States after a while?

Hope you have some birthday celebrations planned for Canut tomorrow!!

Take care. Keep it coming.


LL said...

Bonjour Mel!!

These pictures are so beautiful. It makes me want to go for a visit! Again, hope all is well and don't forget to get good pictures tomorrow night!!!