10 March, 2008


Well, Look what ya find when you're walkin around in Denver.. Tee hee.. It's always nice, when I am missing the Gitanos to run into them . Hey what can I say? Even in Denver I am never to far away from mi "Amigo" and his little brother... tee hee... Hey I just have one question.... What's the deal with the scarves?????? LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!
Oh la la here's a pic of my mom and the Poulette.... Oh la la look at those smiles. We had such a good time!!! tee hee.... He was so sweet to me and my mom. Molt Gracies L'Estimo Meu Amore!!!


jane_matthews2003 said...

Love the photos, Mel. Please tell Nico to cheer up in - he looks a bit down! And if you speak to Canut could you thank him for his blog - the stories are keeping me amused while he is away. Look after the boys - I want them in fine order when they visit the UK!

Love Jane

~Mel~ said...

Hey Jane,
Actually Nicolas was in a really good mood. When my mother snapped that pic he decided that he was gonna be the bad ass Gitano that he thinks he is.. tee hee... These two Reyes boys are very dear to me... They were a little tired from being on tour but as I said the show, the night before was phenomenal!! Catching them on the street is always an added bonus... Actually hearing your name being yelled from across a crowed street mall is something special.. Made me feel like I was back in France again....
I can't wait to get back!!

roadbikegirl said...

Great pics! I met the gipsy kings years ago when I was a teen, went backstage with my friend to get autographs. They were very nice to us. I was just wondering how easy is it to do it again? I want pics of them too!

~Mel~ said...

Hey Hey
I'd like to say it's easy getting back stage... But... Well, even for me it is sometimes difficult at best. Trying to fight throught the bimbas and dealing with management issues. For me, because I am friends with Paul it tends to be a little easier. The best suggestion I can make is finding out where they are letting people back, after the show and talking to someone who is allowing folks to see the band. Like I said it's sometimes difficult even for me to see them, after the show.. I am not sure if this helps but that's the best advice I can give