09 March, 2008

The Gitanos Come to Denver

Oh la la

I mean really what more can be said about this little band of Gitanos??

I am sitting in a hotel room, it's two in the morning.. Well, Daylight savings time has begun in the States so it's actually three... eh who cares I am still riding that Gitano wave... The Boys played the Denver Paramount, well, what would be lastnight now.. As always they did not dissapoint. Two 50 minute sets of their music, running the full spectrum of their entire 20 year career..

Okay to start the whole thing off, my mom and I drove up from Pueblo, (two hours south of Denver and my actual home town) We decided to have a girls weekend... A little overnighter in the big D and seeing the Boys play was the bonus!!!
I do have to send out my apologies.... I was unable to get any decent shots of Canut and Paco. Canut has the voice and soul of a poet and he is one of my dearest friends... I am always moved to tears when he sings. It's just the joy of his voice and knowing where his song comes from that moves me this way.. He also has been known to move me to tears of laughter.. LOVE YA CANUT!!!
Okay here are some pics from the show and i'll yak more about it later...

ALE POULETTE!!! Okay I am way to partial to the oldest Reyes brother but hey he's one of my best friends and he's the love of my life... ;-)))))))

Nicolas, not only does he have the voice but he ain't bad on the guitar as well...

Poulette, and Andre.. Hangin out during "Sabroso"

Nicolas, The Gipsy with the Golden Voice and Tonino El Maestro...

Tonino... El Maestro!!! Need I say more?? This Gitano makes a guitar sing!!!

Pacheco God of all Percussion.... This honorary Gitano can Rock!!!!

Nicolas, Pacheco and Tonino.... Did I mention that these guys are brilliant???


Benn said...

NICE pics chica, Im GREEN with envy:)))

~Mel~ said...

These guys are the best!!! Of course I don't have to tell you that... It's magic when they play. They truly are La çancà del meu cor. Thanks chica for the post and Molt Gracies Mis Amigos para su canciones!!!

Anonymous said...

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