02 August, 2007

Concert Season

Well, it's that time of the year again....

The Gipsy Kings are rolling into the States in about a week or so...


I personally can't wait.... Yeah yeah it's not like I haven't seen these guys lately... But ya know seeing my friends in France and the Gipsy Kings are two totally different things...

Strange as it may seem... When I am in France they aren't the world famous band that has won over the hearts of millions of people the world over... They are just who they are... It's almost surreal for me, when I see them play... I often times throw myself into fits of hysterical laughter. Simply because they are so serious on stage... Eh I guess it's their job and as that, they have a certian persona that they have to keep... FRIGGIN ROCK STARS!! :-)) Still... Makes me laugh to see them... Actually, hearing their music, is one of the true joys in my life... And it is a treat to see them live.... The only thing that really bugs me about this time of the year are the e-mails and the occasional phone call that I get asking if I can get tickets, backstage passes, or the "do you know where they are staying" question.. Now that one makes me laugh... Those usually come from the "lobby stalkers". Or the ooh well I "know the band" I can get a backstage pass if you can't. All I have to say to that is GOOD LUCK!! BUENA SUERTE!! BON CHANCE!!! I know the band and I don't get backstage passes... Maybe because I actually watch the show and I don't spend my time hunting down management, or plotting my next scheme to see them for a few hours after the show... Oof! But enough about what bugs me... I would much rather talk about how special these guys are. How their music has been a source of inspiration to me. How through their music a whole new world of music has been opened up to me.. I have seen things and been to places that I would have never dreamed of seeing or even going to.. And the friendships I have made through their music are priceless... As I said before I can hardly wait to see them again... Somewhere.. From a little bird, I heard that Pablo is singing in concert.... Now how do I feel about that?? Well, how do you think I feel about that... Poulette is singin!!! I get to hear him sing at my kitchen table when he pops in for a visit... Now the whole world gets to hear him sing... Hmm if I were the posessive type I would have to sit him down and say woah wait a minute "AMIGO" but honestly it's a rare treat to hear Pablo sing and I am glad he has the chance to do it!!! Makes the ole ticker smile!! Well, as I have said the concert season is upon us. I'll catch them at a couple of places this go around... I am looking forward to catching up with friends that I see at these places. Most of all I am looking forward to just hearing them play... Doesn't matter where I sit.. I get the same feeling no matter where I sit, when I listen to their music... Absolute Joy!!!! There ain't no high in the world that can compare to a Gitano High!!
So 8 days until I see them play eh but who's counting??
tee hee


~Mel~ said...

All right If you are in any way offended by what I have said they first of all you didn't read the whole post and second of all if the shoe fits..... As I have said before this blog is about me and my journey through life. Gypsy music is a big part of what makes me tick. See what happens around this time of the year I get e-mails and phone calls from people who I don't hear from any other time of the year asking for tickets backstage passes... Blah blah blah.. Then when I don't come through for them, I get ignored. Okay....
When I post things about the Gypsies, it's because they are my friends, not because of who they are. They are a part of my life. End of story. In the up and coming weeks I'll be in Colorado with my family.. So obviously I will post more about that when that happens. Just looking at my blog you know there is more to me then just the Gypsies. I have a full gallery at the bottom of my photography.
And if you don't like what I have said then it's your choice not to read it.
I don't really have to apologize to any one if you took offense then take a look at your own actions.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Well said Mel,
You know who your true friends are... go and enjoy the concert and have a wonderful time with your family.
If people don't want to know you for who you are then they're not worth bothering with.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,
I just want you to know I agree with Karen. You have more sides to you than a finely cut diamond and I'm glad to call you my friend. Anyone that can't see the beauty is missing alot or they are just blinded by thier own ego.
Thank you for your friendship.
As always, Alexa ;-}

LL said...

Hey Mel!
Just wondering...got any idea where they are staying? Can you get me a pass for backstage?? Do you REALLY know them??

~Mel~ said...

Here's the answers to all of the questions I get asked..
Yes... In a hotel..
No... But if you bring knee pads you may be able to "score" one from management...
Yes... Please refer to the Canut murdering a chicken picture in one of my previous posts...
Thanks LL...;-)))))
Love ya baby!!!
In a week it will all be over..