04 August, 2007

Nothing to do with Anything..

Okay here's one for the Wow there's thirty minutes of my life I am never going to get back file.
I was sitting in Union Square park yesterday, trying to recharge tan I got while in the South of France... I was sitting next to a small fountian watching people go by all around me was a market filled with vendors selling everything from "Bush buster" t-shirts to art and I think there were a few American Indian crafts artists there too... Actually the funny thing was this Gitana fortune teller/ Tarot card reader (Aren't they all?) She and her daughter were direct decendents of Roma Royalty... I swear to whatever, that was her shtick.... She sat at a small card table covered in a worn red velvet cloth, while her daughter worked the crowd...
Once in a while she would catch a passer by off guard.. Usually some dude with his I-pod turned up way to loud off in his own little world.... Made me laugh to hear some of the questions people would ask her.. Anywho I digress..
The cool thing about living in NYC is you see everything.. And usually it's right in front of your face.. This day, I felt it necessary to count the crack heads. Hey just when I think there is nothing to do I go out sit in the sun and count the crack heads...
The park is full of loons, crackheads, protesters who protest the air, there was one guy who wore a rather large hat made out of plastic bags... He must have been the poster child for recycling. At any rate the dude made me hot just looking at him... That's not hot in a good way!!!
Ooh where was I? Ah yes Crackheads!! I have gotten to the point were I can almost name them..
There is crazy kung foo crack head who felt the need to chase after something only he saw then he put the Jackie Chan moves on it.... Funny thing is, yeah as if this weren't funny enough, he would run right up to people, stare them in the face then take off.. oof me without my camera!!! I think I am gonna try that the next time I am in Arles and a pack of German tourists walks into the plaza... Mental note to self....
There was the tatoo lady
She had the names of either they were her kids, somehow i doubt that, or her boyfriends tatooed on her back.. I thought maybe she forgot her name.. But upon looking closer at the names they were all guys names. She found it hard to stand up without the aid of Tom, Jerry, or Ed... But whoever he was she loved him dearly... At least that's what she kept saying to him.
And finally there was the cigarette lady. It took her twenty minutes to light a cigarette. She kept missing it. It would either jump from her mouth. This I saw. It sprouted little legs and ran from her mouth. At least that's what she told the guy next to her. He asked her if she needed help and she said "it keeps trying to get away from me." Finally she caught the little bugger and in one of those "evil villan" laughs she anounced to the entire park that she caught the little F*%*#$$*
At that point I felt it necessary to leave.
I had enough fun for one day.. Funny thing is if you come to the same spot at the same time they are all there... It makes for some great blog entries. TEE HEE!!
Well, that was my day. It was hotter than hell out. And I decided to share my day with the crackheads. Ya know someone has to do it.
Now I know you are saying to yourself gee ~Mel~ after reading this there's fifteen minutes of my life I'll never get back...
But I know it made ya laugh..
I'm off..
Next NYC story may be my bus ride from 72nd street in manhattan all the way home..

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latimeri said...

Well seen all that, By the way have you seen a wise man. I know you are. Here I lives between the forest and the sea.