27 August, 2007

Rocky Mountian High!!

Hey Hey Gang!!

It's been a while since my last post.... Glad to hear that Stevie is on the mend and doing well!!

Whew what a relief!!

I have been in Colorado the past two weeks spending time with my family.... Namely my nephew Ryan!! Tee hee... We've been hangin out doing kid stuff riding the kiddie rides at the park goin to the zoo ya know normal stuff a two year old does...
This past weekend we headed for the hills to our cabin in the woods.. Generations of Lanes have been going to South Fork Colorado. I'll add those pictures of the mountains later... It was nice to hang out with my dad and my brother and his family... As for me it's been so nice just to wind down.... not really having to be anywhere... and just all around hangin out with this little guy..
I'll add more to this post in the next couple of days... I got up way to early this morning and i didn't get a nappy!!
okay gang more later....


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel! I came across your blog by accident and I really enjoy reading it. I missed the Gipsy Kings this year, do you know if they will be doing a 2008 tour? Also, is Canut married? lol

~Mel~ said...

Hey whoever you are leave your name next time!!! LOL!
Booooo I am sorry to hear that you didn't get to see the GK this year... As for the is Canut married question? Hmmm your guess is as good as mine.... ;-)))

Anonymous said...

My guess is as good as yours? LOL! You are killing me?! Who is Catherine?

Alexandra said...

Forgot to leave my name.