21 August, 2007

Mi Amigo Steve

Okay just a little thought on friendship..

One of my dearest friends, Steve, is currently in the hospital recovering from surgery..

I wanted to pass my love and prayers along to him and my sistah Karen and Pablo's Amigo, Benji as well as his entire family...

I just wanted to wish him a speedy recovery!! We have a whole lot of hell to raise in France and there is a whole bunch more music the we need to unearth!!

My love and prayers to you sweetie!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, This is a really nice.
Steve, Karen and Benji, My
prayers are with you. I know things will turn out great and we'll be having fun in the sun in France next May.
All my love.
As always, Alexa ;-}

Anonymous said...

All the best to you and your family Stevie, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

hi mel

it has been a long time ago that we did not had conversation. i hope you are doing well i had already mailcontact with sTeve and he told me about his operation

i wish him a lot of courage. by y vive la feste

bon vais

jordi calvo belgium

Anonymous said...

We feel very blessed to know such wonderful people. Thank you to you all for vour thoughts, prayers and best wishes. I have passed them on to Steve, his spirits have been lifted by all your kind comments. His operation was a success and he is on the road to recovery now, although it will be a couple of months before he is fully recovered.

Much love and thanks to you all,


~Mel~ said...

WOO HOO!!! I am glad to hear that Stevie is getting better!!
We all love you and hope you are better real soon!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,

I am truly lost for words, but may I just thank eveybody for heir best wishes.

I love you all

~Mel~ said...

It truly makes my heart smile to know you are getting better!!!!
We love ya too Amigo!!
Keep getting better

Anonymous said...

Sorry to intrude without an introduction (a typically English comment!)but I would just like to say how kind people have been with their best wishes for Steve since his surgery.
We are all looking forward to him making a full recovery, which I am sure will come in the fulness of time. Once he can get his palmas back in time without getting 'out of puff' he can be fully discharged!

Kind Regards, Andy Young. Brother.

~Mel~ said...

Hey Andy
No intrusion at all you are always welcome here... I adore Steve Karen and the rest of the gang!! They are very dear to my heart.. So feel free to drop by anytime